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Card gaming is one of the most adored and most common game played at family occasions. The frenzy for games is yet unchanged, however these days everybody can't play card games with their family or favorite people groups due to various different reasons and they must satisfy themselves by playing it online on their cell phones. We JOKER METAVERSE presents the card gaming in a virtual world, in the METAVERSE, where you can visit anyone virtually and will be able to play the games like you did before.

Joker NFT Joker NFT Joker NFT

Joker Metaverse is an NFT- gaming platform which offers the NFT holders’ daily dividends. Our services would provide a space for skill-based players games to learn, earn and enjoy card-based games in a unique metaverse, where holding the JOKER can bring you closer to the jackpots, every time someone plays.

We have handcrafted unique, exclusive NFT playing cards, which will be only 280 (Playing Cards 260, Joker face Cards 10 and Brand Ambassador Cards 10) in the world. Our NFT card holders will get a percentage of the daily earnings made by the Joker platform, with Joker card getting 5% of every deal’s profit made by the winner using the Joker NFT card. Such a unique rewarding system will ensure that our ecosystem develops and every member has a chance to play and earn by using their skills. In addition, we will also be running our academy where new members can learn about this NFT gaming platform, the tricks used for the trade and enjoy the games.

Chip Coin Chip Coin Chip Coin

Joker chips will be our native utility tokens and can be used across the Joker metaverse for various purposes with ease. They can be used for gaming, framing for NFTs cards, name changing NFTs Card, buy land, create or buy avatar, clothing avatar and many more such activities. Joker chips would be listed on DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGES for enhanced liquidity.

Team Team Team


Shashi Kumar

Founder and Project Creator


Karn Chakerverty

Head of Marketing


Romil jain

Financial Specialist and Auditor


Alok Agrawal

Head of Software Engineering and R&D


Amarjeet Kaur

Head of QA Automation Engineering


Tanmay Rana

Creative Lead


Anmol Saini

Social Media Manager


Asim Anshari

Art director


Shweta Rokdey

Digital Marketing Specialist

Roadmap Roadmap Roadmap

    • Research NFTs Market
    • Planning and Research
    • Deck Card Mechanism
    • BluePrint of Project
    • Metaverse Sourcing
    • Research on Metaverse Development
    • I Gaming Market Size
    • Whitepaper
    • Legal Docs
    • Game License Terms
    • Build Academy Docs
    • Ecosystem Functions
    • Testing Cross Function
    • NFT's Designing
    • Web Development
    • Partnerships and Collaborations
    • Airdrop
    • Beta Version Gaming and Rewarding
    • IDO
    • Listing Token
    • Testing of Market Place
    • Testing Game Multichain System
    • Game on Web
    • Mining Reward System
    • Game on App
    • Start Gaming Tournaments
    • Launch of Market Place
    • Starting Metaverse Development
    • Testing AR Mechanism
    • Beta Version Testing of Avatar Creation
    • Beta Version of Game Cafe