Joker Metaverse is an NFT based real-time gaming and dividend platform. It offers 90% profit to our gamers and daily dividends to our NFT holders. The NFT holder will get a percentage of the daily earnings made by Joker Metaverse.

Joker Metaverse consist of 5 elements which are cross functional. These 5 elements are Joker NFTs Cards, Chips coin, Gaming cafe, Academy and Marketplace.

Joker Metaverse is a unique gaming platform. With it, you can experience a new way of virtual gaming. Also, it will provide a play-to-earn opportunity through which you can earn 90% profit in every single round.

  • Secured With Blockchain Technology
  • Earn Huge Profits Daily
  • Real-Time Gaming Experience
  • NFT Holders Earn Dividend Every Round
  • Developed on Matic Network

You can earn dividends by claiming and holding your NFT card. When the player wins, the nft card holders will earn dividends.

NFT Marketplace is the platform where you can buy, sell, create and list digital assets. It's a gateway for artists, musicians, and gamers to earn huge revenue.

You can buy NFT Cards from our website by using your decentralised wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet etc.

You can sell your NFT Cards anytime on our marketplace or in any other NFT Marketplace of your choice.

Joker chips would be the utility token that can be used in the Joker Metaverse ecosystem, for gaming, buying/selling digital assets framing of NFT Cards, buying land, creating avatars, buying avatars, clothing avatars, and many more. Also, It will be listed on the decentralized exchange for enhanced liquidity.

Joker Metaverse will have five real-time games include - poker, rummy, call break, bluff and flash.

Joker Game Cafe is a gaming zone where you can play AR, VR, MR, XR games and enjoy the virtual world of gaming and earn huge profits. Also, you can enjoy recreational activities like swimming, skating, swing roller, etc. Our Game Cafe will be an open platform where others can launch their gaming projects.

Joker Academy helps you to become a better player. Our goal is to make gamers not gamblers.

Please drop an email to our support team at support@jokerverse.io

You can discuss and know more about Joker Metaverse through our telegram channel.