Brand Ambassador Brand Ambassador Brand Ambassador

Joker Metaverse will be launching a super exclusive NFT collection for its brand ambassadors only. We will be minting only 10 such brand ambassador NFT Cards. Essentially, Brand Ambassador NFT is a royalty NFT card, from which the brand ambassador will get royalty income from all our games till eternity!

Talking about numbers, A Brand Ambassador NFT would be earning 1% out of the total revenue earned by our gaming platform every single day. In addition, if someone joins our gaming platform using Brand Ambassador’s referral code/referral link, then user will get free 150 Joker chips and Brand Ambassador will get 150 Joker chips. Such referral scheme would be limited by total Joker chips on offer; we have currently earmarked 3 million Joker chips for such activities. Once these chips are exhausted, referral scheme would be stopped, until further notice. As and when we mint a new brand ambassador NFT card, their profile and social media links will be available on our website and official social media handles so that every community member can check and get benefit from our Brand Ambassadors.