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Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain creating a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets and identities. Through Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Metaverse provides enterprises and individuals access to customized, convenient, and secure blockchain services. With increase in the utilization and amazing benefits that the metaverse comes with, there are many metaverse games launched that can be accessed via virtual reality (VR).
To spread the word and its perks in a long range of audience, there are various mediums or mediators that are assigned with the task. One such mediatory role is known as the brand ambassadorship. These are the people assigned or initiators who look forward to serving as one. They have different responsibilities to perform in return of which, they can claim amazing benefits and perks of serving as a brand ambassador.
Generally, a brand ambassador is a person employed by a company to promote it in a positive light, emphasizing the benefits of the company's products and services. To promote a particular brand, a brand ambassador employs its own digital marketing methods. In Metaverse, a brand ambassador is supposed to perform somewhat similar duties. They are supposed to guide the introduction of metaverse and the types of games which are performed, and in exchange, they are provided with special NFT cards which have a lot of its perks. 
For its brand ambassadors exclusively, Joker Metaverse will release a highly unique NFT collection. Only ten brand ambassador NFT Cards will be produced. Essentially, the Brand Ambassador NFT card is a royalty NFT card, and the brand ambassador will receive royalty money from all of our games for the rest of his or her life! Joker Metaverse has launched its exclusive NFT cards, which are the Brand Ambassador cards. NFT, as we all know, is at a boom currently. People are ready and keen to invest in the NFTs and expect to gain great earnings after selling them in return.
Joker Metaverse aims to provide its users an enhanced and efficient real – time virtual reality gaming experience. NFT, which stands for Non Fungible Token, is a cryptographic token that is based on blockchain and cannot be replicated. Thus, users can exchange their digital assets on crypto platforms in exchange for NFTs. As we know, the main objective to develop NFT games shares numerous advantages. They increase the value and demand of digital tokens, they are safe to trade and invest as they utilize blockchain based technology, the investor/ seller can claim huge returns upon exchange and most importantly, these exchanges are completely decentralized: the trading does not require any intervention or third party authority compliance which makes the exchange fast, efficient and saves huge expenditures. Thus, based on this concept, Joker Metaverse has launched Brand Ambassador NFT gaming cards which will provide you various benefits.
With NFT cards, they can play and earn enormous profit. The Brand Ambassador cards are launched by Joker Metaverse platform for its Brand Ambassadors. Only ten brand ambassador NFT Cards will be produced. Brand Ambassador NFT is essentially a royalty NFT card from which the brand benefits. Ambassador will receive royalties from all of our games in perpetuity for which the one-time payment is $500 USD. Talking about the benefits, the brand ambassadors will receive a royalty amount upon joining. A brand ambassador NFT is eligible to receive 0.02% of every game played, which will boost their chances to win more if the game is played multiple times a day.
The referral scheme is where a brand ambassador can earn 150 JKRCs upon each successful joining using their referral. Thus, the ambassador and the joiner both will receive 150 token chips. For this, their attributes such as their Name, stage name, company name, etc. will be displayed so that it makes it easy for a new joiner to find them and they both benefit mutually. Thus, there are 6 million chips fabricated for this purpose. Once the chips are exhausted, the referral scheme will be on standby until further notice. Thus, the new joiners can access the games with those chips.
To become a Brand Ambassador, the influencer should fulfill some minimum requirements which will be posted on the website. Check out the website link for more info - {}.