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Deck cards came into existence during the 9th Century when the daughter of the King of China started to illustrate drawings on some leaves. Gradually, this game crossed the border of China and gained immense popularity overseas, and after that, globally. Today, this game is being played all around the world and is always on the top and is played across the globe. A normal playing deck consists of 52 cards, divided into 4 suits and 4 face cards (King, queen, Jack and Ace) in each of the suits. Using the concept of playing cards, Joker Metaverse has introduced blockchain based NFT game cards.

Blockchain gaming gives players complete control over the digital assets they earn or gain through their participation in the games. Using this technology, Joker Metaverse is here with exclusive gaming NFT cards. A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger that can be sold and traded. Types of NFT data units may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Even if players pay real money for their digital assets in traditional games, they will lose access to them if the server is ever turned down.NFT, a type of digital currency, is used to buy/sell digital assets on crypto platforms.Since, NFTs can be traded digitally only and cannot be redeemed for real money; they might be susceptible to lose their worth and can go unsold. This aggravates loss and can mitigate the aspiration of any gamer. Thus, to eradicate this problem, Joker metaverse has launched their exclusive NFT gaming cards with unique utility concepts.

Therefore, Joker Metaverse has fabricated NFT playing cards, which will never run out of its value because the card holders can earn dividends till they own the card and this will eventually increase the card’s price the deck consisting of this card will win. The card holders will win 90% of the winning pool and thus will be rewarded with joker chips, which are its native utility tokens. Hence, the operating currency for this game is this same chip coin tokens which will be used in exchange of trading assets. These chips can be traded virtually to exchange digital assets over this platform.
The composition of NFT gaming cards adds to 280, that means only 280 cards in all can be issued and in which NFT cards per deck is 54, each deck including 52 NFT cards and 2 Joker Face cards. This amounts to 270 plus 10 brand ambassador cards. There will be five games in all which will utilize these NFT cards including games like poker, rummy, callbreak, flash and bluff. The players who own the winning deck cards earn profits out of the pool and will receive their dividends. The winning deck will claim 90% of the winning pool which will simultaneously increase its value, and this will align more with the number of buyers. Hence, their NFT cards will withhold its value till eternity.

The brand ambassador card is a super exclusive card that has been launched till now because the owner of this ambassador card will receive royalty upon minting, that is, they will receive chip tokens, and further, they will earn 0.02% of every game, that is, they will be claiming this amount multiple times a day. In addition, if anyone joins the game via the referral of a brand ambassador card holder, they will earn 150 joker chips in return. The brand ambassadors will also have their details attributed on all the connecting platforms, i.e. Their name, company name, channel or stage name, which will enhance their reach among the aspirant gamers and will help them to receive the referral tokens as well. Also, with so many perks of this NFT card, the owner can sell it to anyone and anytime as these NFT cards, especially the Brand Ambassador card, are full of perks. Hence, this will ensure that the value of these cards would never run out, creating continuity and growth of these NFT cards.

Get your NFT cards and earn dividends on each game, earn amazing dividends and enhance your experience to a next level with virtual reality on Metaverse.